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NACSSF is currently seeking Corporate Tax Credit Donations

As a 501(c)(3) NACSSF is authorized by the state to receive Corporate Donations.

NACSSF’s goal is to return 100% of corporate donations in the form of scholarships to students attending qualified schools.

The basis for low income scholarships are:

The income of the student’s family can not exceed 185% of the income  required to qualify a child for reduced price lunches and to whom any of the following apply:

Attended a public school as a full-time student for at least 100 days of the fiscal year or one full semester and then transferred from the public school to a private school; or

Is enrolling in a private school kindergarten: or

Is enrolling in a private preschool program for students with disabilities: or

is a dependent of a member of the armed forces of the United States who is stationed in Arizona pursuant to military orders: or

Received for any year a scholarship under one of the above criteria OR from the Original Individual Donation Program or the SWITCHER Individual Donation Program if the child continued to attend a private school in subsequent years.

*How does the Corporate Donation process work?

1. A corporation contacts the STO to which they wish to donate or the STO contacts corporations to solicit donations.

2. The corporation indicates the amount of donation they wish to make.

3. The STO fills out an approval request and submits it to ADOR.

4. ADOR responds to the request for approval to the STO within twenty (20) days. The request shall be approved if there is credit available under the maximum allocation allowed for the fiscal year.

5. If the donation is approved, the STO has 20 days to receive the donation from the corporation. (This is twenty calendar days but consideration will be made for holidays that fall in the 20-day period.)

6. The STO must notify ADOR of receipt of the donation or if the STO does not receive a timely donation from the corporation. ADOR needs to know the exact date the donation is received. Instructions for this procedure and the approval form can be found on the ADOR website.

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