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1. When can I donate?
A person may donate anytime during the year prior to filing taxes, but no later than April 15 of the year following the tax year for which the donor wishes to take the tax credit. (Donations must be postmarked or entered online before midnight, April 15, per tax credit law.) For donations made between January 1 and April 15, it is solely the decision of the donor to determine whether to claim the tax credit for the previous or current year. Donations made between April 16 and December 31 must be claimed in the tax year of the donation.
2. How can I donate?
By Check: Fill out a form online and mail it to NACSSF, P O Box 3923, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, with your check. By Credit Card: click Donate Online or fill out a form online and mail it to us.
3. How much can I donate?

In 2023, the maximum amount you can receive a tax credit for is $2609.00 for a couple filing jointly and $1307.00 for a single filer. A couple filing jointly can donate $1,308.00 to the Original Individual Tax Credit AND $1,301.00 to the SWITCHER Tax Credit. A single filer is now able to donate $655.00 to the Original Individual Tax Credit AND an additional $652.00 to the SWITCHER Individual Tax Credit.

We will publish the new tax credit amounts on our website each year as they change.

4. Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, NACSSF will send an annual receipt.  If you need a receipt immediately, please contact NACSSF.

5. Do we get the entire donation as a state income tax credit if we file a joint return?

Yes, if your state income tax liability was that much or more, and your donation is within the tax credit limit, you can use it for that year’s taxes. Any excess can be carried forward and used to offset state income taxes for up to five years.

6. Which Arizona state income tax forms do I use?

Form 323 is used to file the Original Individual Tax Credit, $1,308.00 or $655.00, and 348 is for the second  (2nd ) $1,301.00 or $652.00 donated.  Form 348 can only be used when the maximum credit is claimed on Form 323. They are available from the Arizona Department of Revenue, www.azdor.gov, or from our website.  You can download the forms on “Forms” page of this website.


7. Is our donation also eligible for a federal income tax deduction?

Yes, we are a federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. For federal tax purposes, the deduction must be claimed for the tax year in which the donation was made; the new April 15 deadline does not apply. You should consult your tax preparer for specific tax advice concerning deductibility for you.

8. If a student receives a scholarship, but then changes to another Christian school in Arizona, what happens?
The scholarship is personal to the student for tuition. The unused portion will follow the student to the new Christian school. If the student leaves Arizona or does not go to another qualified school, the remaining money will be returned to NACSSF and awarded to other students.

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