Original Individual Tax Credit

Original Individual Tax Credit


This is a tax credit program available for Arizona taxpayers who have a state tax liability. You can DIRECT your state income tax dollars to a scholarship fund organization. It’s your choice; you can see the benefit of your Arizona Tax Credit Dollars working locally in education or let others decide for you where your tax dollars should be used!

You may make a donation anytime during the current tax year or UNTIL April 15 of the following year. If you make a donation after December 31, you need to indicate which tax year you want your tax credit to apply to: 2017 or 2018; it’s that simple.

You can donate up to $1,110.00 (married filing jointly) or

$555.00 (single/head of household)

or your tax liability whichever is less

until April 15 for an original Individual tax credit for 2018.


Additional amounts can be given to the Switcher Tax Credit

Make your donation today!

Click the “Donate” tab and choose “Donate Online” or “Donate by Mail”

  Tax forms can be downloaded from our “Forms” page to submit with your tax return.
NACSSF will mail you an annual receipt.